Welcome to Norway and its breathtaking natural beauty, vibrant culture, and captivating history. From the stunning fjords that carve through the landscape to the majestic mountains that tower over picturesque villages, Norway offers unparalleled scenery at every turn. Outdoor enthusiasts will find themselves in paradise, with opportunities for hiking, skiing and wildlife spotting.

From the iconic Northern Lights dancing across the Arctic sky to the vibrant colors of the Midnight Sun, Norway provides unforgettable natural spectacles year-round. Beyond its natural wonders, Norway boasts a rich cultural heritage, with historic towns, medieval stave churches, and fascinating museums waiting to be explored.

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Fjord Norway

Fjord Norway is not merely a place. It’s an experience. The sound of the blue glacier. That view that suddenly appears at a bend in the road. The smell of a waterfall. The silence of a beach in the morning. The evening sun reflected off the green fjord. A million moments. Your moments. Moments you won’t believe until you have experienced them.

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Bergen is located on the west coast of Norway in the heart of the fjords. As a UNESCO World Heritage City and a European City of Culture, the Bergen region has the ideal combination of nature, culture and exciting urban life all year around.

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Boasting a wonderful Arctic setting, a rich cultural scene and a range of thrilling outdoor adventures, Tromsø is a top destination in Northern Norway.
Tromsø is located directly beneath the Aurora Oval, making it one of the world's best places to see the northern lights.

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Lofoten Islands, in Northern Norway, have been voted by National Geographic as one of the most appealing destinations in the world. Located just above the Arctic Circle, at the 68th northern parallel, Lofoten basks in the ethereal Midnight Sun during summer and witnesses the magical Northern Lights from September to April.

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