Husky sled rides and kennel visits in Lapland

Two huskies in Lapland

Are you ready for a unique winter adventure?

Picture yourself gliding through snowy landscapes, led by energetic huskies. These furry friends are passionate about pulling and running. It’s more than just a ride – it’s an exciting journey into the Arctic wilderness, full of thrills and stunning scenery.

Husky breed known for strength and endurance

The husky is a medium to large-sized breed of dog known for its strength, endurance, and thick double coat. Originally bred by the Chukchi people of Siberia to pull sleds over long distances in harsh Arctic conditions, huskies are characterized by their distinctive wolf-like appearance, erect triangular ears, and bushy tails. Highly energetic, intelligent, and sociable, huskies are often used in various canine sports and activities, including mushing, skijoring, and agility competitions.

Outdoor living

Huskies are often kept outside in Lapland due to their natural adaptation to cold climates and their historical role as working dogs in Arctic conditions. Their thick double coat provides excellent insulation against the cold, and their active lifestyle and high energy levels make them well-suited for outdoor living. However, it’s important to ensure that huskies have proper shelter, bedding, and access to fresh water and food to ensure their well-being, even when living outside in Lapland’s challenging environment.

Friendly huskies: true arctic companions

Visitors can meet and pet friendly huskies on husky safaris in Lapland. Many husky farms let you interact with these gentle dogs. Whether it’s a tour of a kennel or a sled dog trip, you can make friends with these furry companions. Huskies love attention from people and enjoy getting pats and belly rubs. It’s a heartwarming experience for both the huskies and the visitors.

The thrill of the ride

Our husky adventures begin as you meet your team of huskies. Once you’re all cozy in the sled, wrapped up warmly against the cold with snug blankets, it’s time to go. The huskies listen to the musher and start running, pulling you ahead on the snowy ground. You feel the wind on your face and hear the sled moving smoothly over the snow, giving you a thrilling feeling of freedom and excitement.

Authentic cultural experiences

Apart from enjoying the sled ride, a Husky Sleigh Safari lets you explore Arctic culture. You’ll meet mushers who’ve worked with huskies for years, learn about their traditional lifestyle, and see how much they love their dogs. You might also visit a Sami village to experience their ancient traditions.

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