Helsinki Sauna Tour

Embark on a sauna experience tailored just for you. Immerse yourself in the purifying heat of the sauna and embrace Finnish sauna culture. Don’t miss out – book your sauna experience now for an authentic journey into Finnish traditions!

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Immerse Yourself in Finnish Sauna Culture
In a country boasting two to three million saunas for a population of just over five million, the sauna is not a luxury but a daily ritual deeply ingrained in Finnish life. Join our shared excursion, offering an authentic experience at a lakeside sauna complex featuring both modern and traditional smoke saunas.

Sauna Experience Tailored to You
Your shared excursion begins with a convenient afternoon or evening pick-up from your city center hotel. We’ll transport you to a carefully selected sauna, chosen based on the season and subject to availability. At the venue, your guide will introduce you to the rich sauna tradition in Finland, providing insights into sauna etiquette and instructions.

Stepping into the Sauna Tradition
Once inside, immerse yourself in the purifying heat of the sauna, experiencing the rejuvenating “löyly” – the Finnish term for the steam rising from the stove, considered the essence of the sauna. Enhance the warmth with a “vasta,” a bundle of birch twigs thoughtfully provided for you to comfortably whisk on your body, intensifying the soothing effects. Don’t miss this chance to meet locals and embrace sauna culture just as the Finns do. Book your sauna experience now for an unforgettable immersion into Finnish traditions!


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