Helsinki Segway Tour

Explore and enjoy Helsinki with our tailor-made Segway tour. Whether you’re a newcomer or a local, effortlessly access major attractions and hidden gems. Secure your spot now for a unique adventure through the heart of Helsinki – book your Segway tour today!

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Glide Through Helsinki: A Unique Segway Adventure
Discover the most enjoyable way to explore Helsinki with our tailor-made Segway tour. Ideal for both newcomers and locals, this experience provides effortless access to major attractions, parks, historic monuments, coastal backdrops, seaside cafes, and hidden gems.

Unveiling Helsinki’s Hidden Wonders
For those new to the city, our Helsinki Segway tour offers a fantastic opportunity to practically explore the sites read about in books. Even for locals and veterans, it brings forth new facts and stories about Helsinki, providing a fresh perspective on the familiar.

Explore splendid monuments, market halls, and parks with well-planned routes covering both historical and newly developed areas. Your journey becomes even more delightful as our guide shares lesser-known facts about this amazing Finnish city.

Safe and Comfortable
Equipped with essential safety gear, our Helsinki Segway tour ensures a secure and comfortable exploration of the city. Let our knowledgeable guide unveil the beauty of Helsinki, showcasing some of its most popular attractions, including the Senate Square, Market Square, Helsinki Cathedral, Esplanadi Park, Mannerheim Boulevard, Oodi Library, Finlandia House, National Museum, Finnish Parliament, and Töölö Park.

Your Local Guide
Plan your Helsinki Segway tour with us for the most beautiful and memorable experience, as you glide through the stunning Finnish capital city.


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