Icebreaker Tour

Experience the thrill of an icebreaker tour with Finland Local Guide, immersing yourself in the Arctic nature and enjoying a unique swim amidst the ice. Listen to the crackling sounds of the frozen sea, and savor a delightful lunch in a local village, creating unforgettable memories.

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Experience the Best of Icebreaker Tour

Finland Local Guide offers a fully guided icebreaker tour package, providing visitors with the most exciting and memorable moments in the Arctic nature. This amazing icebreaker tour adventure brings a unique experience of swimming amongst the ice.

Everyone on board will feel the bygone glory of the vessel even today, for sure. Make your experience even more exceptional with our perfectly tailored icebreaking tour package. You can have an opportunity to experience arctic freedom at its fullest with the icebreaker tour itinerary.

Icebreaker Tour Package for an Extraordinary Experience

Just imagine a white frozen sea that never storms, with sea waters covered with solid ice and endless dramatic whites as far as your eye can see. On an icebreaking tour, enjoy listening to the sound of crackling ice. Take this chance to listen to the crashed ice blocks emerging from the icebreaking, allowing dark water to splash out.

The icebreaker makes the pool free from ice, and you may have an enjoyable swim in dark icy water in a floating survival suit. During winter, find ice from 30 cm to 2 meters in depth for a truly amazing experience.

After the combination of majestic sea and ice arctic experience, we will stop for lunch in a local village where locals catch salmon naturally from the Torni river and serve it in this family-run place.


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