Porvoo Group Tour

Experience the historic beauty of Porvoo with our expert-guided tour. Immerse yourself in its rich history, discover charming landmarks, and savor culinary delights. Book this delightful day trip now!

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Discovering Porvoo’s Historic Charm

Embark on a guided tour through Porvoo’s old town, immersing yourself in its rich historical and wooden architecture. Your Finnish local guide will lead you through winding streets, mosaic-like courtyards, and medieval landmarks, ensuring an enjoyable exploration without the fear of getting lost.

Soaking in History
Explore the historic district, wander along narrow lanes, and marvel at the red wooden houses along the riverbanks. Your guide’s commentary will bring the town’s history to life as you stroll along waterways, discovering the secrets of Finland’s second-oldest town.

Culinary Delights
For food enthusiasts, indulge in a visit to the unique chocolate workshops and explore local eateries offering Finnish cuisines. The tour also unveils hidden gems like charming cafes, boutiques, and museums housed in colorful historic wooden buildings.

Key Attractions
Discover Porvoo’s major landmarks, including the historic centre, the cathedral, the Holm house, the Old Town Hall, and more. Immerse yourself in the charm of this picturesque town with our guided tour.


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