Rovaniemi Husky Safari

Drive your own pack of dogs through the stunning Lappish scenery. Book now for a unique adventure, explore Lapland’s woodlands, and capture memories with our friendly huskies. Unleash your inner musher for a lifetime memory!

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Get on board a Husky Safari in Rovaniemi for the ultimate adventure. A husky safari in Rovaniemi is a truly engrossing experience, particularly when you have the opportunity to be a driver in control of your own pack of dogs. Book our Rovaniemi husky safari to feel the thrill as the dogs are eagerly waiting to pull you at a fast pace through the exceptional Lappish scenery. This tour is especially meant for those who love exploring nature in a different type of silence.

Our Husky safari in Rovaniemi is the ideal way to explore the splendid woodlands of Lapland. Relish the silence of the forest as you drive your own dog team via the isolated paths just north of Rovaniemi & the Arctic Circle. Our guide will explain and show how to control the husky sled. The sound of the wheezing dogs and the snow under your sled is the ideal soundtrack for this breath-taking adventure. There’s always the opportunity to spend some time with huskies following the safari, educate yourself on some fascinating facts regarding sled dogs, and of course, capture some great pictures to take back home for memories.

The Best Husky Safari Provider In Rovaniemi:
Having worked with huskies for more than 20 years, we’re honestly the best husky safari provider in Rovaniemi. We operate husky safaris for visitors to Lapland in both summer and winter, offering them a wide range of excursions from brief husky rides to multi-day safaris.

An exclusive husky adventure awaits you in Rovaniemi! It’s the perfect time to set free your inner musher. It is definitely going to be a lifetime memory!


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